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The Portfolio Manager

Eran you portfolio management certification from the firm chosen by the top 4 investment banks. Master all aspects of the asset management industry including topics covering economics, financial analysis, equity, FICC markets and products, ESG, portfolio construction, and more!

£549.17 (Inc Tax)

4.5 Stars

Star Rating

ESG Certificate

Master the core concepts surrounding ESG analysis, investing, and portfolio construction. Discover the modern-day techniques analysts and fund managers use to create and maintain value using sustainable investment strategies. Get a certificate in ESG Investing with our online course.

£99.17 (Inc Tax)

The Asset Manager

Learn asset management from the firm hired by the top 4 investment banks to teach their new analysts. Master economics, math, financial analysis, modeling, valuation, equity, FICC markets and products, plus portfolio construction and portfolio performance.

£499.17 (Inc Tax)

4.3 Stars

Star Rating

Traditional & Alternative Investments

Learn how to build more efficient and resilient portfolios. Explore traditional and exotic equity investment options, and the opportunities offered by different products. This online course covers investment structures, styles, valuation methods, strategies and characteristics.

£65.83 (Inc Tax)

4.1 Stars

Star Rating

Portfolio Performance

Learn to measure the returns and risks in a portfolio. Increase your accuracy when comparing with appropriate benchmarks. This online course also covers portfolio theory, investment exposure, measures, benchmarks, analysis and behavioral factors.

£65.83 (Inc Tax)

3.9 Stars

Star Rating

Applied Finance & Economics

Learn the macro data points that an asset manager needs to consider as they make investment decisions.

£82.50 (Inc Tax)

4.2 Stars

Star Rating



Get the same training as new hires
to the top 4 investment banks.
This online program covers accounting, financial modeling, valuation (including discounted cash flow and WACC), plus M&A and LBO analysis. Perfect for aspiring analysts.